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Driver’s License Hearings Update

April 2, 2024 – A revised Standing Order of the Chief Administrative Law Judge Regarding Administrative License Revocation Hearings was issued effective April 1, 2024. The order continues SOAH’s current requirements with respect to electronic filing and remote appearances for driver’s license hearings. Please continue to check this website for updates and information regarding the upcoming revision of SOAH’s Rules of Procedure for Administrative License Suspension Hearings in Chapter 159 of the Texas Administrative Code.

MOVEit Secure File Transfers

November 17, 2023 - SOAH uses the MOVEit Secure File Transfer platform for the electronic transfer and sharing of hearing exhibits, audio and video evidence, and other administrative case records at SOAH. SOAH is aware that MOVEit experienced security-related outages in May and June of 2023, relating to a cyberattack that exploited a former “zero-day vulnerability” within the platform.

Although news reports indicate that other governmental entities in the U.S. experienced security breaches affecting customer information, SOAH uses a version of MOVEit that was deliberately taken off-line during these attacks to protect customer data while security patches were deployed. Forensic investigations also indicate the cluster of servers where SOAH-related file transfers reside was not affected by the staged exploit.

All versions of MOVEit Cloud have been patched for the identified vulnerabilities, and service was restored on June 16, 2023. MOVEit has not observed any signs of malicious activity since service was restored.

General Hearing Date Assignments are set by the ALJ

September 6, 2022 - Referring agencies are reminded that hearing dates for most general docket hearings are now be set and confirmed by order of the presiding administrative law judge (ALJ). This change was previously announced on July 26, 2022.

This practice recognizes the ALJ’s authority over hearing and prehearing matters and makes the scheduling of cases more similar to district court. The change is necessary to promote efficiency, assure the fair and equal treatment of parties, and minimize disruptions associated with ALJs having to reschedule cases after the initial docketing of a case.

This is a change from the prior practice where hearing dates were often confirmed by the SOAH Chief Clerk’s Office during the initial referral of a case, regardless of whether an ALJ was actually available on the date requested by the referring agency.

General Order Relating to Submission of Exhibits

April 20, 2022 -- The Chief Administrative Law Judge has issued a General Order Relating to the Submission of Exhibits that affects all general docket hearings scheduled to occur May 1, 2022 or later. 

The order applies to general docket case hearings only, and does not affect procedures for the submission of exhibits in administrative driver’s license revocation cases, special education due process hearings, or exhibits for cases on written submission only.

SOAH Case Records Search

SOAH is now using re:SearchTX as its online tool for searching general docket case files.  re:SearchTX is a web-based platform hosted by the State of Texas that allows registered users access to an online repository of court case information powered by the state’s e-filing database.  Case records for most general docket hearings since March 2020 at SOAH are publicly available at no cost through re:SearchTX.

Notice of Adopted Rule Amendments

Effective November 29, 2020, SOAH adopted amendments to its Rules of Procedure for General Hearings. You can review the text of the rule adoption on the Texas Secretary of State website. To view SOAH’s Rules of Procedure in Chapter 155 as amended, please visit the Texas Administrative Code website.

TCEQ Preliminary Hearings

To promote the fairness and efficiency of certain large public hearings conducted by SOAH on behalf of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, including those that may be conducted remotely by videoconference, SOAH provides an online registration portal through our e-Services page that will allow participants and attendees to register in advance. You can register for a Public Hearing by visiting the Public Hearings Registration section of our website. In addition, SOAH streams some videoconference hearings live on the SOAH YouTube channel.

e-Filing News

eFile Texas launched on March 3, 2020 at the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH). For more information regarding the electronic filing and service of documents at SOAH, please visit the General Hearings Filing Information section of our website.

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