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Electronic Filing

SOAH has implemented use of the eFile Texas technology platform available through the Office of Court Administration (OCA) for the electronic filing and service of documents in general docket cases. 

With the adoption of eFile Texas, the electronic filing and service of pleadings and other documents for general docket administrative proceedings at SOAH now generally conforms to e-filing practices used by the judicial court system.

Filers should familiarize themselves with the administrative rules and technical requirements associated with use of the eFile Texas platform, and take appropriate steps to prepare documents for electronic filing in conformance with OCA’s requirements and SOAH’s Rules of Procedure.

If you already use an existing electronic filing services provider that is certified by OCA, then you may use that provider to file and serve documents in general docket proceedings by selecting SOAH from the list of available courts.

Filers without an electronic filing service provider will need to register for an account in order to electronically file documents at SOAH. The official state-provided filing service is, and is available for use at no cost. A list of other OCA-approved providers, including many free options, is available on the website.

To view SOAH’s Rules of Procedure regarding the filing and service of documents, including requirements relating to electronic filing, click links below:

SOAH Procedural Rule 155.101 (Filing Documents)
SOAH Procedural Rule 155.103 (Confidential Information)
SOAH Procedural Rule 155.105 (Service of Documents on Parties)
Notice of Adopted Rulemaking (effective November 29, 2020)

Audio/Video Exhibits. MOVEit Transfer is the primary method for parties to submit audiovisual exhibits and evidence for general docket hearings. Audiovisual evidence must be in non-proprietary file formats that can be played using either Windows Media or VLC Media Player. Visit SOAH e-Services or contact the SOAH office assigned to your case for more information.

For more information on electronic filing:

Frequently Asked Questions about eFile Texas at SOAH
SOAH e-Services 

Filings by Self-Represented Litigants

Self-represented litigants (unrepresented parties or pro se litigants) are strongly encouraged to file documents electronically. However, they may also file documents by mail, fax, or hand-delivery to the appropriate State Office of Administrative Hearings office location. For more information the use of eFile Texas by self-represented parties, use the following documents and pages:

General Hearings Guide for Self-Represented Litigants
Driver's License Hearings Guide for Self-Represented Litigants
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Filings for Mediations

Please reference Mediation for additional guidance on filing documents in mediations.


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