State Office of Administrative Hearings

Our Mission

Mission and Philosophy

The State Office of Administrative Hearings, also called SOAH, resolves disputes between Texas agencies, other governmental entities, and private citizens either through an administrative hearing or mediation. The office is separate and independent from the agencies involved in the disputes. The administrative law judges who preside over the disputes are neutral. The specific objectives of the State Office of Administrative Hearings are to:

  • Conduct fair and objective administrative hearings.
  • Provide fair, timely and efficient decisions and proposals for decision.
  • Offer the opportunity for parties to resolve their disputes through mediation (or alternative dispute resolution).

Agency Mission Statement

The mission of the State Office of Administrative Hearings is to serve as an independent, neutral forum for the State of Texas by providing a fair and efficient hearings process and the opportunity for alternative dispute resolution proceedings, in accordance with Chapter 2003 of the Texas Government Code.

Agency Philosophy

Why Not Better?

SOAH will focus on implementing the Legislature’s intent set out in statute, while optimizing the services it provides to the public. In reassessing its business processes to accommodate new technology, SOAH must revisit every aspect of our business processes, from how we assign cases to how we format documents. In addressing each separate action, we will always ask ourselves “Why Not Better?”


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