State Office of Administrative Hearings
State Office of Administrative Hearings

Hurricane Closure & Cancellations - UPDATE

SOAH’s Houston field office is presently closed, but it will reopen on a date to be announced. Unless parties to a hearing are personally notified otherwise, the cancellation of all in-person hearings scheduled to convene at the Houston field office is extended from October 13, 2017, through October 20, 2017. All in-person hearings at SOAH’s remote hearing locations, including Alvin, Beaumont, Conroe, Lufkin, Richmond, and Texas City, will convene as scheduled. Likewise, all telephonic hearings will convene as scheduled. We will advise at a later date regarding the status of hearings that are set beyond October 20, 2017. Please continue to monitor SOAH’s website for updates.

Amendments to SOAH’s ALR Procedural Rules

A complete copy of the amended rules is available at the following link:

Amendments to SOAH’s Procedural Rules

A complete copy of the amended rules is available at the following link:

Electronic Case Information System

Please click the “Electronic Case Files” link at the upper right corner of this page to access SOAH’s electronic case information system. Please use the following fax numbers for all general docket cases:

512-322-2061 - Austin
512-322-0470 - Corpus Christi
512-322-0471 - Dallas
512-322-0472 - El Paso
512-322-0473 - Fort Worth
512-322-0474 - Houston
512-322-0475 - Lubbock
512-322-0476 - San Antonio

These numbers should be used for all fax communications relating to any case other than the Department of Public Safety’s Administrative License Revocation (ALR) program. The fax numbers remain unchanged for ALR filings.

Documents containing confidential information or personal identifiers such as social security numbers or drivers’ license numbers should not be filed by fax in general docket cases.  See SOAH Procedural Rules 155.101(b) and 155.413.

SOAH Procedural Rules

Click here for SOAH's procedural rules.

Agency Mission

The mission of the State Office of Administrative Hearings is to serve as an independent, neutral forum for the State of Texas by providing a fair and efficient hearings process and the opportunity for alternative dispute resolution proceedings, in accordance with Chapter 2003 of the Texas Government Code.