State Office of Administrative Hearings
State Office of Administrative Hearings

SOAH’s Resource Efficiency Plan

Quarterly Update for Quarter Ending November 30, 2009

In accordance with Executive Order RP-49, the State Office of Administrative Hearings (SOAH) reports the following regarding its Energy Conservation Plan.

As indicated in the previous reports, SOAH will continue to review its equipment inventory to ensure that necessary equipment purchases and/or replacements include energy saving features, if available. For example, SOAH’s Information Technology Committee will be asked to include as a key feature for all replacement printers or copiers the ability to duplex documents.

SOAH had requested the Texas Facility Commission (TFC) to install motion activated light switches in its space in the William P. Clements State Office Building to ensure lights would shut off when staff or night cleaning crew leaves the work area; however, TFC informed SOAH that this would be a chargeable expense. SOAH will consider this expense as it monitors its budget during FY2010 and 2011 and may consider requesting funding for this energy-saving measure in its 2012/13 Legislative Appropriation Request. Meanwhile, SOAH will communicate with TFC when it appears that lights have been left on at night by the cleaning crew and will remind its staff to turn the lights off when leaving their work spaces.

SOAH does not have any state owned vehicles and therefore no stated goal or report on this item. Likewise, SOAH is a tenant agency (located in both state owned buildings and leased office spaces) and does not have information necessary to quantify associated energy expenditures/savings. Therefore, SOAH’s energy conservation plan does not include a percentage goal for reduced energy expenditures. SOAH’s plan does, however, include a commitment to continue encouraging staff to be mindful of, and to participate in, energy conservation efforts in the office and at home.


SOAH’s energy conservation plan includes the ability of Administrative Law Judges to work at home one or two days each week as their hearing schedules allow, which helps conserve gasoline. Additionally, SOAH continues to hold videoconferences for meetings and training purposes, and to conduct video and telephone hearings when possible and practical to reduce travel.  Conservative estimates of the mileage (gasoline) and cost savings from conservation efforts related to “work at home” savings during the first quarter of FY 2010 are set out below.

Reporting period: March 1, 2009 –
May 31, 2009
Estimated Travel Miles Saved Approximate Cost Savings
Work at Home Savings (1)

(1) Calculated at $2.47/gallon estimated saved.