Mediation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Mediation is a confidential form of Alternative Dispute Resolution that offers parties an opportunity to resolve their disputes without having an administrative hearing. The State Office of Administrative Hearings has approximately 30 trained administrative law judge mediators with a wide variety of backgrounds.

Parties considering mediation or involved in a dispute that has been referred to mediation are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the State Office of Administrative Hearings’ procedural rule concerning mediation, 1 Tex. Admin. Code § 155.351.

The State Office of Administrative Hearings also provides the following services:

  • Conducts binding arbitrations in certain nursing home or assisted living enforcement cases.
  • Conducts contract claim proceedings prescribed by Government Code Chapter 2260.
  • Manages assignments of mediators and qualified special judges to conduct dispute resolution proceedings prescribed by Insurance Code Chapter 1467 for certain consumer health benefit disputes.
  • Facilitates negotiated rulemaking for state and contracting agencies and their stakeholders.

Mediation Process

In mediation an impartial person, the mediator, facilitates communication between the parties and helps them explore settlement options. Mediation is a collaborative process. The parties control whether the dispute is resolved.

If the parties to a contested case try mediation, but mediation is not successful, they still have the right to an administrative hearing presided over by an administrative law judge who was not the mediator.

Filing Documents

All mediation materials submitted to the State Office of Administrative Hearings should be clearly marked as “CONFIDENTIAL MEDIATION INFORMATION.” Pre-mediation statements and all other mediation materials may be sent by United States Postal Mail, hand-delivery, or fax to the State Office of Administrative Hearings Austin office.

Informational Materials and Resources

Guide to Mediation at SOAH pdf icon
Alternative Dispute Resolution Guidelines pdf icon.
Mediation for Out-of-Network Hospital-Based Health Care Provider (Balance Billing) Claims
Balance Billing Mediator Roster pdf icon as required by 1 Tex. Admin. Code § 167.103(a)


Please contact the State Office of Administrative Hearings Austin office or send an email if you have any additional mediation questions.

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