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Administrative driver's license suspension cases are referred by the Department of Public Safety (DPS) under the ALR program. In these cases, a driver has been arrested for driving while intoxicated. The driver has requested a hearing on the proposed administrative suspension by DPS of his/her driver's license. The hearing determines whether the police officer had reasonable suspicion to stop and probable cause to believe the driver was driving while intoxicated; whether the driver either refused or failed a breath or blood test; and therefore, whether the license can be suspended.

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Location Date Time Cause Number Defendant
 Houston  04-25-2018  AM  20170720050  Sanford, Amy Lynne
 Houston  04-25-2018  AM  20171222455  Mcgrath, Travis Alan
 Houston  04-25-2018  AM  20180317384  Madison, Benjamin Ryan
 Houston  04-25-2018  AM  20180317564  Jordan, Jeffrey James
 Houston  04-26-2018  AM  20170921090  Manley, Kim Marie
 Houston  04-26-2018  AM  20170921199  Medina, Miguel Galvan
 Houston  04-26-2018  AM  20170921200  Ray, Vernon J
 Houston  04-26-2018  AM  20170921201  Silverio, Sucelly Rosario
 Houston  04-26-2018  AM  20170921202  Torres, William Alejandro
 Houston  04-26-2018  PM  20171021459  Ruiz, Martin Jr
 Houston  04-26-2018  PM  20171121730  Morales, Karol Arturo
 Houston  04-26-2018  PM  20171121733  Payton, Christopher Bernord
 Houston  04-26-2018  AM  20180116733  Rivera, Monica
 Houston  04-26-2018  PM  20180116950  Trinh, Thanh Quang
 Houston  04-26-2018  AM  20180317410  Oyenuga, Oluwole Oyedele
 Houston  04-30-2018  AM  20170921192  Wilson, Ryan Michel
 Houston  04-30-2018  AM  20170921203  Ash, Sirkon
 Houston  04-30-2018  AM  20170921205  Chism, Jeremy Jason
 Houston  04-30-2018  AM  20170921206  Christ, Randolph Wayne
 Houston  04-30-2018  PM  20170921249  Vu, Chuong Van
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